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The 18th International Advanced School on Wind Engineering (IAS18)(August 21-22, 2021)

2021-07-18 14:38

The 18th International Advanced School on Wind Engineering (IAS18)

August 21-22, 2021


- Base for Innovations of Discipline to University on High-performance Wind Energy System and Effective

Operation, Chongqing University

- Base for Innovations of Discipline to University on Mitigating Wind-induced Disaster of Wind-sensitive

Infrastructures, Beijing Jiaotong University

- Joint Usage Research Center, Wind Engineering Research Center, Tokyo Polytechnic University

- Universiti Malaysia Pahang


- Chongqing’s Key Laboratory of Wind Engineering and Wind Resources Utilization, School of Civil Engineering,

Chongqing University


  1. Aims and Scope

Wind engineering is an important research area in the field of civil engineering. The 18th international advanced school on wind engineering, which is initiated and presided over by Prof. Yukio Tamura, Academician of Japan and China Academy of Engineering (JAE, CAE), and former chairman of International Association of Wind Engineering (IAWE), honorary Professor of Tokyo Polytechnic University and Professor of Chongqing University, will be held online from August 21 to 22, 2021. The course covers wind flow characteristics, buildings and bridges aerodynamics under stationary and non-stationary strong winds, equivalent wind loads and wind-induced responses, the wind tunnel techniques, Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and its applications in wind engineering, introduction of wind load codes, offshore wind energy potential, and offshore floating wind turbines under the interaction of wind-wave-current.

Researchers and students in the universities and research institutions, relevant engineers and government employees are all greatly welcome to join the IAS18.

2. Lecturers

3. Course Schedule


4. Registration

Please visit the registration link at:

Deadline of registration is August 18th. The organization committee will confirm your registration within 2 working days prior to the start of the conference. If you do not receive a reply, please contact the organization committee.

To ensure that you get the online zoom link and reminders, please correctly fill your email address in the registration form.


5. Organization Committee

Chairmen of the Organization Committee




Honorary Chairman

Prof. Y. Tamura


Prof. Q.S. Yang

Executive Chairman

Prof. G.Q. Huang


Members of the Organization Committee





Dr. B.W. Yan

Ms. Z.S. Mo

Ms. W.L. Zhong

Ms. J.J. Shi


6. Contact Information

Phone+86 15683789537Bowen Yan;+86 18996087236Zhishan Mo

Emailyanbowen89@163.comfor registration only