Pro Vice-Chancellor of The University of Adelaide, Prof. Michael Liebelt Visited School of Civil Engineering

On the afternoon of October 24th, 2019, Professor Michael Liebelt, Pro Vice-Chancellor of The University of Adelaide was invited to the School. Accompanied by Prof. Liu Gang and Prof. Chen Jinhua, Prof. Liebelt visited the large-scale shaking table laboratory, wind tunnel laboratory and the urban construction and environmental engineering laboratory.    To give a comprehensive impression of the school’s research laboratories, Prof. Liu introduced the technical details and overall operating conditions of the large shaking table lab, as well as the support to several national key projects. Prof. Chen demonstrated the basic information of the national and provincial research institutions for the built environment, as well as the main experiment systems, such as the artificial environment control energy experiment system.



Later in the Jiangong hall, Prof. Wengang Zhang, Associate Chair of School, introduced the history of the school, the development of civil engineering discipline, as well as the progress of the school in internationalization. With a better understanding of both two universities, Prof. Zhang and Prof. Liebelt discussed the future plan of strengthening international cooperation and both expressed the great willingness to cooperate in the aspect of academic visits, long-term and short-term student projects and international joint research funding application. Prof. Zhang sent a warm invitation to civil engineering students of the University of Adelaide to join the school’s international summer camp. In the meantime, the “Hongshen young scholar program” and the “Hongshen young postdoctoral teacher program” were recommended for outstanding young talents of University of Adelaide to join Chongqing University and the school of Civil Engineering.