Prof. Wengang ZHANG Visited the Instituto Superior Técnico

After the 3rd International Conference on Information Technology in Geo-Engineering, Prof. Wengang ZHANG, the Associate Chair, paid an academic visit to the Higher Technical Institute of Lisbon.

Local time on October 3, Prof. Zhang leave from Guimaraes for Lisbon by train for four hours, and was invited to have an comprehensive discussion with the academic leader of department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georecourses of the Higher Technical Institute, the head of department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georecourses, Prof. maria Pereira as well as the liaison Assistant Professor Gustavo Paneiro.

Firstly, Prof. Gama reviewed the academic visit to SCE, Chongqing University at the end of 2011, at the invitation of Prof. Xie Qiang (Associate Chair). He described the photos on the office wall in detail and sincerely asked about the development of the School. Subsequently, they introduced the university and faculty development respectively, especially on the discipline development and the research orientations, the international research & education collaboration, and mutually expressed the willingness to cooperate in long-term projects and short-term projects, faculty and student exchanges and research collaboration. Prof. Zhang focused on the introduction of the “Hongshen Post-doctoral Faculty Program” stipulated by Chongqing University as the new talents program and the postgraduate programs for oversea students in School of Civil Engineering. This visit will definitely promote the mutual understanding, consolidate the cooperation in student and faculty exchange and research collaborations between the two parties.


After the discussion, Prof. Gustavo Paneiro invited Prof. Zhang to visit the laboratory and introduced the Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Research of the Interdisciplinary Research Platform of the Higher Institute of Technology (CERENA-Centro de Recursos Naturais e Ambiente


The Lisbon Higher Institute of Technology is the number one and largest research-based polytechnic in Portugal. It has educated three Portuguese prime ministers and six education ministers. Founded in 1911, the school has more than 1,300 teachers, 3 campuses, and 11,458 students, of which 44% are graduate students. The school sets up 18 undergraduate and postgraduate majors including civil engineering, aerospace engineering, applied mathematics, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, communications network engineering, electrical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, industrial engineering and management, information systems and computer engineering. , materials engineering, machinery industry, etc. Its partners include the top MIT institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. In 2013, the college merged with the Lisbon University of Science and Technology to the University of Lisbon.