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Senior Engineer, Dengnian Zhang of The Chongqing Surveying and Mapping Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources Was Invited to Give Lectures for 18th Grade Students in Our College

On the morning of 22th November 2019, Senior Engineer, Dengnian Zhang of the Chongqing Surveying and Mapping Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources were invited to come to the Civil Engineering College of our school. In the classroom of D1412 in Huxi Campus, he brought the academic report which called “High-speed railway engineering survey”.

First of all, Mr. Zhang introduced the situation of the engineering center, information center, application center, and geographical situation monitoring center under the Chongqing Surveying and Mapping Institute, and introduced the theme of this report by sharing personal experiences and mapping feelings. Then, he introduced in detail the definition and classification of high-speed railway, the development of China's high-speed railway, the construction process of high-speed railway engineering, the measurement system of high-speed railway engineering, and the future development of high-speed railway measurement. Finally, he focused on the technical issues related to the construction of high-speed rail, the construction process of Shanghai-Nanjing-Hangzhou-Ninghang-Hangzhou high-speed railway, the problems encountered in high-speed rail construction and monitoring, and the experience of high-speed rail mapping technology.

Mr. Zhang has long been engaged in deformation monitoring of bridges, subways, high-speed rails, etc. He has strong project organization and implementation capabilities and has rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of precision engineering measurement. He presided over the construction survey of the Egongyan Yangtze River Bridge in Chongqing, the supervision and measurement of Chongqing Light Rail Line 2, the deformation monitoring of the Shibanpo Yangtze River Bridge in Chongqing, the deformation monitoring of the Jialing River Bridge, the deformation monitoring of the Shimen Bridge, and the monitoring of multiple subway lines in Shanghai. He has won the “May 1st” Labor Medal in Chongqing.

This academic report introduces high-speed rail mapping technology to students through their own work experience and related project cases. The report is vivid. it did make the students not only have a preliminary understanding of precision engineering measurement technology, but also have a new understanding of the high-speed rail construction and high-end mapping technology. This lecture broadened the students' horizons, expanded the students' thought, increased the students' interest in learning and had benefited everyone.