Prof. Yuan Yunbin and Dr. Ye Fei from Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered academic presentations


      On October 19, 2020, invited by Surveying and Mapping Engineering Institute, Pro. Yuan Yunbin from Innovation Academy for Precision Measurement Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dr. Ye Fei, school alumni of majoring in surveying and mapping engineering presented academic reports for faculty and students. The report was held in seminar room 208-2, Construction Hall of School of Civil Engineering. The topic of the report was: “Beidou-3 system global ionospheric correction model (BD GIM) and its application”. Associate Chair , Prof Zhang Wengang chaired this seminar.


       Firstly, Prof Zhang introduced Pro. Yuan and Dr. Ye , and expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to their arrival.  Prof. Yuan overviewed the members the research direction, and the achievements of his team, especially the achievements in "GNSS and multi-sensor integrated positioning and navigation timing (PNT) precision information reconstruction theory and key technologies". He also introduced  the research  performed by Dr. Ye. Next, the research background of the Beidou III Global Ionospheric Correction Model (BDGIM), the idea, the process as well as the method of model development were stressed. The correction effect of the model and specific application cases were demonstrated. In the end, Pro. Yuan and Dr. Ye had a lively discussion with attendees , gave detailed answers to the questions raised by teachers and students, and shared their scientific research experience.




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