Students' Work

The Institute of Surveying and Mapping Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering held the 2020 Master Thesis Defense “Online and On-Site”

To ensure that the smooth graduation of graduates during the epidemic prevention and control period, the Institute of Surveying and Mapping Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering carried out the “Online and On-Site” 2020 Master Thesis Defense from 9:00 am to 15:30 pm on May 23. The defense was conducted using the Tencent Meeting software platform. Participants include graduates, defense team members and secretary. The graduates include: She Mengkun, Shi Junjiong, Li Aixin, Teng Mingxing, and the defense team members include: Hua Xianghong, Yu Kegen, Yang Hong, Xiong Xiancai, Pu Dexiong, and the secretary of the defense team is You Yangsheng. Some teachers and students also participated in the defense: Liu Xing, Zhang Yali, Yang Ronghua, Li Anran, Huang Yanbin, Qi Lin. Among the participants, Prof. Huang Xionghong and Prof. Yu Kegen used the Tencent Metting for defense.

During the Master Thesis defense, the defense team used the Tencent Meeting to carry out the online defense work. The chairman of the defense committee first presents the defense procedures and requirements, and the graduates used slides to present their Master Thesis. During the defense, the master students are well prepared, and presented their work seriously. Then, the experts and the defense committee listened carefully to the students’ statements, and actively commented on their work and asked questions. The defense shows a strong academic atmosphere and the students have expressed that they are benefited.

To ensure the “Online and On-Site ” was conducted smoothly, a detailed implementation steps was planned in the early stage. The hardware equipment, the network connection and the software were tested before the defense. The whole process was recorded by video cameras, and screen shots were collected. The “Online” Master Thesis defense was ensured equal quality with “On-Site”.

The School of Civil Engineering actively promotes graduation work by launching online, offline and online-offline thesis defenses. Although the inconveniences caused by the Cov19 epidemic, teachers and students of our school have gone through all the difficulties and successfully completed the work of defending the Master Thesis.