Students' Work

School of Civil Engineering Students Went to Singapore for Study and Exchange Activities

In order to enhance the understanding of the disciplines and industries of civil engineering students, continue international development, and establish college honor system for our outstanding students, the School of Civil Engineering in Chongqing University(CQU) organized students on December 17-24, 2019  8-day learning exchanges with China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co Pte Ltd, National University of Singapore, and Nanyang Technological University.

At China Construction (South Pacific) Development Company, the management department held a seminar on the theme of “Internationalized Business Models and Challenges”with our students.  Through the seminar, students had a deeper understanding about Singapore's general situation, the construction industry's competitive situation,and the company’s market position and international operations during the years.


After the seminar, the students visited the projects under construction and had a more intuitive understanding of the first prefabricated building project which completely built by China Construction (South Pacific) Development Company. Our students further learned about digital management, cutting-edge construction technology, on-site construction organization arrangements and other civil engineering related practices. In the end, they have more comprehensive understanding of the cutting-edge technologies in the industry.


During their visiting in Singapore, they also studied and exchanged professional knowledge at the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.  After a few days of professional courses and visits to the geotechnical, environmental, and structural laboratories, the students understood the current status of civil and environmental engineering research. Through lecture of Professor Chu Jian, the students also gained a deeper understanding of Singapore's research on the four major challenges of water resources, space, energy, and food, learned the urban planning ideas of the local government, and Singapore's breakthrough efforts to solve the land space constraints. In addition, our students visited the Housing Development Board and Urban Redevelopment Authority to learn more about the advanced concepts and practices of Singapore's urban construction and planning.





 This visit has broadened the horizons of our students, expanded students 'knowledge, and played an important role in guiding their future development plans.The School of Civil Engineering will continue to strengthen international academic exchanges and train outstanding students with international vision and international competitiveness.