Academician Yukio Tamura Donated ¥ 33,333 RMB to Wuhan Union Hospital


The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in early 2020 has attracted a lot of attention and is weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of every citizen. The number of confirmed and suspected cases of the virus grows with each passing day, dominating news reports. International and domestic medical teams and communities are dedicated to support Wuhan and help the country overcome this disease.


The thoughts of Academician Yukio Tamura, professor from Chongqing University, are also with the many impacted by the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.  When he learned that hospitals are running low on supplies and that front-line medical personnel in high-risk and quarantined areas need continued support as the crisis unfolds, he decided to donate ¥ 33,333 RMB to the Wuhan Union Hospital to help them win the fight against the epidemic on February 5, 2020.


Although the novel coronavirus has forced us apart, the warm gesture of Academician Yukio Tamura has brought our hearts closer together. In this battle against the invisible enemy, with the strength of our system which pools national resources and the firm conviction of the entire nation, we have full confidence that we will win the fight against the epidemic and uphold regional and global public health security.