Mourn with Deep Grief for Prof. Giovanni Solari

The sudden news of Prof. Giovanni Solari’s demise was a great shock to us all. He was an an internationally renowned expert in structural wind engineering, the former chairman of International Association for Wind Engineering (IAWE), and a professor of the University of Genova, Italy. We are deeply sorry to hear this sad news.Prof. Giovanni Solari was a core member of International Cooperation...

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Senior Advisor of NGI Liu Zhongqiang’s Online Academic Presentation

​ On 16 July, 2020, at Prof. Zhang Wengang's invitation, Liu Zhongqiang, the senior advisor of Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI), delivered an excellent online academic presentation for the teachers and students both in our school and other schools. This presentation was held with the aid of Tencent Meeting platform, and the theme of this presentation was Reliability-Based Design in Geote...

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Academician Yukio Tamura Donated ¥ 33,333 RMB to Wuhan Union Hospital

 The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in early 2020 has attracted a lot of attention and is weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of every citizen. The number of confirmed and suspected cases of the virus grows with each passing day, dominating news reports. International and domestic medical teams and communities are dedicated to support Wuhan and help the country overcome this disease...

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