About SCE

The school of Civil Engineering (SCE), ranked top 8 in Civil Engineering in mainland China, is one the largest and most nationwiderecognized schoolsof Chongqing University.The SCE consists of three departments, nine research institutions and two research centers. The three departments, i.e. the Department of Building Engineering, the Department of Land Surveying and the Department of Fundamentals are set up for the education and teaching development of undergraduate programs. The nine research institutions, including the research institutions for Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Disaster Prevention and Protection Engineering, Bridge and Road Engineering, Engineering Construction, Geology Engineering, Land Surveying Engineering, Architectural Mechanics, and Architectural Drawing, are established for the development of programs, scientific research and graduate education. 

The administration of SCE is carried out by 8 offices, covering the everyday management of the school in administrative affairs, human resources, research, undergraduate programs, graduate programs, student affairs, international relation and cooperation and marketing development.

The SCE has160 faculty members, including 34 full professor and 62 associate professors. In addition, at the SCE, there are two full time academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; two part-time academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Two full time Changjiang Scholars and one Chaired Changjiang Scholar; Two full time Awardees of the National Outstanding Youth Foundation. 

The SCE offers three undergraduate programs in Civil Engineering, Land Surveying Engineering and Exploration Technology and Engineering. There are 1858 full time undergraduate students at the SCE. More than 20,000 students have graduated from the SCE. The SCE has outreached to establish educational cooperation with nationally and internationally respected companies such as the T. Y. Lin international and China State Construction, etc. for the students to receive professional training in addition to learning on campus.

After more than half a century'sdevelopment, SCE has established the Doctorate programs in Civil Engineering and Mechanics, including six specialization fields in Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Protection Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Civil and Hydraulic Construction and Engineering Mechanics. The SCE also provides Master's programs inCivil Engineering, Mechanics, Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Land Surveying Science and Technology and Geological Resources and Geological Engineering. Engineering Master's programs are also available in Building and Civil Engineering.There are 892 full time graduate students at the SCE, which are under the supervision of 32 Doctorate Advisors and 73 Master Advisors. In recent years, the graduate students of SCE have been awarded three prizes for Excellent Doctorate Dissertation of Chongqing and 12 prizes for Excellent Master Thesis of Chongqing.

The SCE has established long term collaboration relationships with universities and research institutions from countries and regions including USA, Great Britain, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Australia and Hongkong. The SCE has also hosted many National and International academic conferences.