Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering

Disaster prevention and mitigation engineering is a secondary discipline of civil engineering, it mainly studies the seismic behavior of engineering structure, wind structural engineering, fire structural engineering and anti-explosion engineering. This discipline in our college is the key discipline of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China.
The main task of the discipline is to establish and develop scientific theory, design method and engineering measures to improve the capacity of engineering structures and engineering system against natural disasters and man-made disasters, to reduce damage caused by disaster, to ensure the safety of people's lives and property, to guarantee the ability to post-disaster recovery and development, and to improve the disaster prevention ability of major national projects.
The typical and core courses offered in our college include Stability theory of structures, Seismic performance and design of concrete structures, Testing and strengthening of engineering structures, Wind structural engineering, Fire resistance design of steel structures and composite structures.


Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

Bridge and Tunnel Engineering play a significant role in the national transportation infrastructure construction. At present, the transportation industry in China develops very fast, and the main emphasis of highway construction is gradually transferred to western mountainous area, leading to large-scale construction of bridges and tunnels. This discipline can provide you the basis ability to analyze, optimize and design the practical bridge and tunnel.

Bridge and tunnel engineering is a comprehensive discipline that involves numerous fields, including the theory of prestressed concrete structure, the design and practice of long span bridge with new type, wind engineering of the bridge, dynamics of vehicle-bridge coupled system, the mechani...