Institute of Underground Engineering

2019-07-10 17:25
The Institute of Geology & Underground Engineering (IGUE) in the School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University was established depending on two main disciplines, which are underground rock engineering and disaster prevention & protection engineering. Scientific research and technological services of IGUE mainly concentrates on the following fields: mechanical behavior of deep rock mass, numerical simulation method for the failure process of discontinuous rock material, stability of underground structure, risk assessment of slope and underground engineering, environmental geotechnical engineering, geological hazard assessment and treatment. An excellent innovation group has already been founded in the laboratory with middle-aged and young academic leaders as its leading talents. At present, there are 11 fixed personnels in the laboratory, of which 5 are professors, and 5 are associate professors. Among these people, there is one winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and one Yangtse Rive Scholar as well as a number of young scholars. In general, with the support of Chongqing University, IGUE will center on the strategic goal of national economic construction and geohazard prevention, combine the latest results in the field, to establish theories and methods of geohazard prevention, promotes the development of the discipline. And for the most important, geohazard problems in China, especially in Chongqing pose great threat to economic construction and social development, which are urgent to be solved through the research.