Institute of Safety and Disaster Prevention Engineering

2019-07-10 17:26
Institute of Safety and Disaster Prevention Engineering (ISDPE), as one academic department of College of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University, consists of two research centers and two research groups, including Seismic Engineering Structures Research Center, Wind Engineering and Structural Safety Research Center, Research Group for Structural Health Monitoring and Safety Evaluating, Research Group for Fire Safety of Structures. ISDPE is home to 24 full-time faculties and 220 PhD and graduate students. Among the faculties, there are 7 full professors, 12 associate professors, 1 associate researcher and 4 lectures. In recent 5 years, ISDPE faculties in charge of 40 national and provincial research projects, publish 7 monographs, 4 teaching books, over 300 refereed journal papers and win 5 awards and 15 patents, edit 13 national or local standards or codes, in charge of 1 competitive course of Chongqing and 2 teaching reform projects. ISDPE establishes long-term collaborations with over ten prestigious universities and research institutes around the world, such as the University of California at Berkeley, University of Texas at Austin, Kyoto University and City University of Hong Kong.  ISDPE undertakes seismic experiment and analysis, wind resistant testing and analysis for a large number great engineering projects, carries out health monitoring and safety evaluating for ultra-span bridges and conducts wind tunnel testing for ultra-high voltage power transmission tower. ISDPE plays an important role in emergency rescue and post earthquake reconstruction for WenChuan Earthquake, YaAn Earthquake, also makes a great contribution to technical demonstrating of safety and disaster prevention for cities in mountain area, constructing and consulting for engineering in Chongqing and local regions.