Hydro-Geotechnical Engineering Research Center of Chongqing University

2019-07-10 17:28

Hydropower and Geotechnical Research Institute of Chongqing University was established in November 2014.The institue relies on School of Civil Engineering and national key disciplines of geotechnical engineering,  intergrating research power in the field of Hydropower and Geotechnical Engineering,catering to the demand for construction of major hydropower projects in the country, carrying out the basic theory of hydropower geotechnical engineering ,evaluation methodology,detection and monitoring, scientific research in the field of practical technology and social services, Promoting the engineering and industrialization of new technologies and achievements of geotechnical engineering by means of the combination of production, learning, research and development.

The team members
The total number of scientific research backbone is 9,including 4 professors, 3 associate professors and 2 lecturers.Currently,the institute hosts 20 PH.D students and 50 master students .Team members have more than 10 provincial and ministerial level scientific and Technological Awards.More than 400 academic papers have been published.The institute has more than 50 items of national patent.Currently research fund amounts to more than 5 million.

Research direction
 (1).Study on structural safety evaluation theory and structural design optimization technology of high earth rockfill dam.
 (2).Study on theory and evaluation of high slope engineering reinforcement.
 (3).Study on geological hazard evaluation and prediction in reservoir area.
 (4).Study on surrounding rock stability and reinforcement technology of large.
 (5).Study on rock permeability stability and control technology about dam foundation and slope.