Zhong-ping YANG
Associate Professor
School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University, Chongqing, 400045, China
Tel: 0086-23-65120728
Fax: 0086-23-65120728
Email: yang-zhp@163.com


  • PH.D.  6/2008       Jilin University,  China

  • M.S.  7/2005,        Jilin University, China

  • B.S.  7/2003,        Jilin University, China

Career Details

  • Associate Professor      Chongqing University, China (Sep. 2010-)

  • Lecturer               Chongqing University, China (Jul. 2008- Aug. 2010)

Research Interests                                        

  • Soil improvement and foundation engineering.

  • Transport and Ecological effect of Contamination (heavy metal ) in soil and groundwater

  • Geotechnical Engineering Disasters, Geo-hazards

Research Projects

  • Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (106112013CDJZR200002). The characters of the heavy metal contamination in garden soils in Chongqing. (Principle Investigator, Jan 2013- Dec 2016)

  • Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (CDJZR 12 20 00 08) Effects of Free/thaw Process on transformations and transference of metals in urban soils and its mechanism. (Principle Investigator, Jan 2012- Dec 2015)

  • China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (No. 20100470811): Effects of Freeze/thaw process on Form Transformations and transference of Pb in urban soil (Principle Investigator, Jan 2010- Dec 2012)

Latest Publications

  • Zhongping Yang, Huakuang Ge, Wenxi LU, Yuqiao Long. Assessment of heavy metals contamination in near-surface dust [J]. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 2015, 24(4):1817-1829. IF 0.871  SCI WOS:000358899400040 ISSN: 1230-1485

  • Z.P. Yang, W.X. Lu, Y.Q Long. P. Li. Application and comparison of two prediction models for groundwater levels: A case study in Western Jilin Province, China [J]. Journal of Arid Environments, 2009, 73(4-5):487-492.  (In English)

  • Zhongping Yang, Wenxi Lu, Yuqiao Long, Xinhua Bao, Qingchun Yang. Assessment of heavy metals contamination in urban topsoil from Changchun City, China [J]. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 2011, 108(1):27-38. (In English)

  • Zhongping YANG, Wenxi LU*, Yuqiao LONG, Ping Li. Application of Back-Propagation Artificial Neural Network Models for Prediction of Groundwater Levels: Case study in Western Jilin Province, China[C].The 2nd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (ICBBE2008). 2008, 4: 2845-2848. (In English)

  • Q.C. Yang, X. Zhang, Z.P. Yang, J. Liang. Numerical model of a long-term in situ diffusion and retention (DR) experiment in Opalinus Clay [J]. Procedia Environmental Sciences, 2010, 2: 937-944. (In English)

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  • Science and Technology Progress Award (B), Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Commission, 2012