Feng-Jiang Qin
Lecturer, Ph.D
School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University, Chongqing, 400045, China
Tel: 15909308281
Email: qinfengjiang@cqu.edu.cn


  • PH.D. 6/2015,      Chang'an University

  • M.S.  6/2010,       Chang'an University

  • B.S.  6/2007,       Chang'an University

Career Details

  • Lecturer,             Chongqing University (Nov 2015- )

Research Interests                                        

  • Basic theory and application of steel structure and composite structure bridge

Research Projects

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51308053): Spatial Mechanical Behaviors of Prestressed Concrete Composite Wide Box Girder with Corrugated Steel Webs (Major participant, Jan 2014-Dec 2016)

Latest Publications

  • ZHOU Xu-hong, QIN Feng-jiang, DI Jin et al, Continuous Analysis Method for Deck-truss Composite Stiffening Girder Based on Energy Principl. China Journal of Highway and Transport. 2014(6):34-43.

  • Fengjiang Qin, Jin Di, Jie Dai, Study on Rational Position of Joint Section of Steel-Concrete Hybrid Girder Bridge. Advanced Materials Research. 2013(671-674): 1007-1011.

  • Fengjiang Qin, Jin Di, Jie Dai,、Influence of Central Buckle on Dynamic Behavior of Long-Span Suspension Bridge with Deck-Truss Composite Stiffening Girder. Advanced Materials Research, 2013(838-841), 1096-1101.

  • ZHOU Xu-hong, LU Wen-ru, DI Jin, QIN Feng-jiang, Group Studs Effect and Shear Strength Calculation Method for Group Studs Shear Connector of Steel Anchor Box. China Journal of Highway and Transport. 2014(12):33-45.