Wei-Fu Zhang                            
Lecturer, Ph.D
School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University,
Chongqing, 400045, China
Tel: 15808002206
Email: zhangweifu@cqu.edu.cn

· PhD Candidate, Chongqing University
· M.S.  7/2001, Chongqing University
· B.S.  7/1992,  China University of Mining and Technology

Career Details
· Lecturer,  Chongqing University (Sep 1998)
· Associate Lecturer, China University of Mining and Technology (Aug 1992)

Research Interests                                        
· Surveying and Mapping Engineering (engineering survey, geodetic survey)
· Structural Engineering (steel structure)

Research Projects
· "The 12th Five-Year" National Science and technology support program: "set and demonstration of rapid survey technology of rural land high precision demonstration sites in Chongqing" (2012BAJ23B06-03)(Principle Investigator, 2012-2015)
· Horizontal Subject: Oriental (Chongqing) International Plaza, the main control axis GPS control measuremen (Principle Investigator, 2014)
· Horizontal Subject: HNA - Poly International Plaza main axis GPS measurement and control of deformation monitoring (Principle Investigator, 2007-2010)
· Horizontal Subject: Line measurement and control of road engineering measurement of Huxi campus of Chongqing University (Principle Investigator, 2004-2014)
· Horizontal Subject: Topographic map and road survey of Qijiang County, Chongqing City (Principle Investigator, 2012)

Latest Publications
· Wei-Fu Zhang, Guo Zhao, detection method of high-rise building column verticality, Journal of Chongqing Jianzhu University, 2001.8.
· Wei-Fu Zhang, Wen-Gu 𝑳iu, “i” angle test method and its accuracy analysis, Journal of Chongqing Architectural University, 2003.10Wen-Gu 𝑳iu,Building engineering survey (M). 2012
· Wei-Fu Zhang, Wen-Gu 𝑳iu. Determine the Deviation between Construction Layout Point and Desesign Pool Thread,2010 3rd International Conference on Computer and Electrical Engineering