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Webinar delivered by Prof Jianye Ching on Geotechnical spatial variability

2020-06-05 12:02

At the invitation of Prof. Zhang Wengang, Professor Ching Jianye presented an online academic report on May 29, 2020. The report was titled “Geotechnical spatial variability: what is it? how to model it? how to identify it? how does it affect performances of engineering structures?”, hosted by Prof. Ding Xuanming, director of Geotechnical research institute.


Referring to the title, Prof. Qing first explained the concept and characterization of spatial variability of natural rock/soil mass. Then Prof. Ching introduced some related achievements of his research group. He stated that on the basis of random field theory, adopting the Maximum Likelihood method to identify the scale of fluctuation of geotechnical parameters, as well as the sample path smoothness. Prof Ching also highlighted that in the conventional random field theory, the spatial average of parameters does not essentially cover the whole model area, that is, concentrated on the area along the failure surface, based on amount of spatial variability analysis.

The academic report given by Prof. Ching was instructive, and attracted more than 190 researchers from both CQU and other partner universities. Prof. Ching not only gave the audiences a more comprehensive understanding of geotechnical materials’ spatial variability, but also shared the latest research progress and application, which is a positive attempt of academic communication during the epidemic. The report broadened participants’ thinking and vision on random field theory, and promoted the further academic research.