Teaching Model Laboratory

2019-07-10 17:29

The Teaching Model Laboratory is the laboratory education centre of the Experimental Center of Civil Engineering. This part of the Experimental Centre has a national level ranking. As a subsidiary of the School of Civil Engineering, the Teaching Model Laboratory exists to strengthen practical teaching and the creation of an undergraduate teaching platform. The center’s main function is for the enhancement of both theoretical and practical based teaching of civil engineering related course, to provide engineering model and teaching aids and to aid students understanding, knowledge and perception through visualizing theoretical knowledge.
The Teaching Model Laboratory was opened in November 2015, and it has an area of 150 m2. Its exhibition hall is divided into bridge, structure, geotechnical and construction categories. The existing aids, 72 set models can be used for more than ten professional courses including housing architecture, principle of reinforced concrete structures, design principles of steel structure, foundation engineering, civil engineering construction, bridge engineering, road pavement engineering as well as awareness training, curriculum design, graduation design teaching practice to provide adequate assistance in this regard.