Laboratory of Mechanics

2019-07-10 17:30

The Laboratory of Mechanics is used for the study of fundamental mechanics courses, such as Mechanics of Materials and Engineering Mechanics, for the undergraduate students in the School of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Construction and Real Estate Management, and so on. Selected experiments include tension test, compression test, elastic modulus of low-carbon steel measurement, shear modulus measurement, torsion of circular shafts, deformation and normal stress measurement of pure bending beams, principal stress measurement of bending and torsion, and stability of compressed columns. The laboratory provides experiments for more than 50 classes and 1500 students annually. It also serves as a laboratory for teachers’ research.
Selected experimental facilities in the laboratory include microcomputer controlled hydraulic universal testing machine, microcomputer controlled torsion testing machine, impact testing machine, static electric resistance strain gauge, and pure bending beam testing machine. Among them, the microcomputer controlled hydraulic universal testing machine can measure the mechanics performance of different kinds of metallic, non-metallic, and composite materials with high precision.