Road and Bridge Laboratory

2019-07-10 17:31

1. Overview
Laboratory of Bridge and Road Engineering of Chongqing University is built up by “985” construction funding and is primarily aimed at teaching and scientific research. After more than 10 years of development, the laboratory has more than 50 sets of equipments regarding pavement material field, which provide an experimental platform for pavement materials research and quality monitoring of pavement engineering. The floorage of laboratory is 400 m2, with the ability of road asphalt materials processing, performance testing, mixture compaction molding and performance testing.

2. Asphalt materials processing and performance testing
The laboratory has effective ventilation system and advanced equipment for asphalt materials processing. Associated equipment used for testing the conventional asphalt penetration, ductility, softening point and high viscosity is also completed. Meanwhile, AR1500ex type dynamic shear rheometer (DSR), bending ceam rheometer (BBR) and corresponding associated equipment is introduced to estimating the overall performance of asphalt cement accurately, such as rolling thin film oven (RTFO) and pressure aging vessel pav (PAV), etc.

AR1500ex type dynamic shear rheometer(DSR)  CANNON blending-beam rheomete(BBR)

    3. Mixture specimen modeling and performance testing
The laboratory has shocking standard vibrating sieving machine, automatic asphaltmischer and several sets of mixture sample molding equipment including traditional marshall compactor and gyratory compactor. And the latter is verified by engineering practice and can simulate the construction site much better. Then, the target mixture specimen can be fabricated conveniently. In addition, asphalt and cement concrete specimen curing apparatus, test apparatus of Marshall stability used for conventional asphalt mixture, compression-testing machine are also equipped. A full set of apparatus is introduced for high temperature rutting tests of asphalt mixture, including QCX-4 type portable combined rut sample machine, HYCX-1 type rut sample machine and QCZ-5 type scientific two-way automatic rutting test instrument.
HYCX-1type rut sample machine rutting test instrument  

    4. Engineering detection
The laboratory is equipped with conventional pavement quality testing instruments, such as portable skid resistance tester, pavement seepage instrument, Benkleman beam deflectometer, resiliometer, etc. Several sets of core-drilling machines with different types can sample the drilling core at the construction site and then the mechanical strength of old road can be evaluated through Marshall test, which can provide data support for modification and optimization of old road.