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SCE Students attended the International Conference on Case Histories & Soil Properties (2019)

2019-12-09 10:10

 International Conference on Case Histories & Soil Properties (2019) was held in Furama RiverFront Hotel Singapore from 5 to 6 December, 2019. World leading experts and scholars from different countries participated in this conference,including Professor Jian Chu from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Professor Gang Zheng of Tianjing University, China, Professor CF Leung from National University of Singalore, Professor Mounir BOUASSIDA of Tunisia University, Tunisia, and Professor Masaki KITAZUME of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. School representatives Dr Lin Wang, Phd Candidate Liang Han, and master student Xin Gu from research group of Professor Wengang Zhang attended this conference and made presentations.

Dr Lin Wang made a presentation titled as Reliability Analysis of Ashigong Earth Dam Slope Stability Considering the Spatial Variability Soil Properties, analyzing the application of machining learning in the field of reliability of geotechnical engineering, and discussed the effect of spatial variability of soil on the overall stability of dam.




Mr Liang Han made a presentation titled as Normality Testing for Parameters of Built Timah Granitic Residual Soils in Singapore, shearing a series of research works about the probabilistic distribution characteristic of Bukit Timah Grantic residual soils properties.



Mr Xin Gu made a presentation titled as Reliability analysis of Rock Slope Stability Considering the Temporal and Spatial variations of Strength Parameters, introducing the effect of spatial and temporal variabilities of soil/rock parameters on the stability of rock slope. The above three presentations all aroused great interest of present experts and then several scholars discussed with them.




During this conference, SCE students conducted a series of academic discussions with the participating experts and scholars, which broadened the academic horizons, improved the academic communication platform, and enriched the academic thoughts of the students.