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Prof. Wengang Zhang, the associate dean of Civil Engineering College, led a team to the Chongqing Institute of Surveying and Mapping, MNR and the Chongqing Survey Institute for investigation

2019-12-09 11:47

In the morning of December 5, 2019, Guilin Wang, Wengu Liu, Yangsheng You, Yali Zhang, Ronghua Yang and other teachers of Civil Engineering College of Chongqing University went to Chongqing Survey Institute and Chongqing Institute of Surveying and Mapping, MNR for investigation under the leadership of Prof. Wengang Zhang, the associate dean of the college.

They firstly arrived at Chongqing Institute of Surveying and Mapping, MNR. Mr. Hong Yang, the deputy dean of the institute, participated in the communication accompanying with the stuff who are working in the relevant departments and in charge of the production units. After introducing the situation of each unit respectively, the two organizations conducted in-depth communication on issues such as personnel training, disaster prevention and mitigation in the reservoir area, international engineering construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, scientific and technological innovation, and joint application for international projects, laying a good foundation for the next cooperation.


Then the teachers went to Chongqing Survey Institute. Mr. Zhiqing Zhang, the director of the Surveying and Mapping Management Office of Chongqing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, and Mr. Zejun Xiang, the vice president of Chongqing Survey Institute, led some technical leaders to participate in the communication. They demonstrated their recent achievements and work in "full coverage, multi-source and multi-scale real-world 3D model", "big data platform of urban infrastructure security monitoring ", "mobile measurement system" and other aspects, laying a foundation for further cooperation.


Chongqing Institute of Surveying and Mapping, MNR, a subordinate institution of the Ministry of Natural Resources, is one of the first batch of units to obtain Class A surveying and mapping qualification in China. It used to be the Fourth Topographic Survey Team of the General Staff of the Central Military Commission, which was founded in 1954. Chongqing Institute of Surveying and Mapping, MNR is a group member of Chinese Society of Surveying and Mapping GeoInformation, China Association for Geospatial Information Society, Chongqing Society of Surveying and Mapping GeoInformation, Chongqing Institute of Engineers, and Chongqing Land and Resources and Real Estate Society. It has 6 departments (offices), 4 production units and 1 quality inspection station of surveying and mapping products (surveying and mapping instrument measurement verification station), and is mainly responsible for the implementation of national and local basic surveying and mapping tasks. In recent years, this organization has presided over the construction of emergency space data management systems, big data platforms for comprehensive environmental protection information supervision services, three-dimensional application systems for real estate registration, construction of land resources law enforcement supervision systems, construction of high-precision location integrated service platforms, and other national-level natural resources projects. It owns many honorary titles such as National Advanced Collective of Surveying and Mapping System, National Excellent Unit of Surveying and Mapping Quality, and Chongqing Municipal Civilized Unit, and has maintained good exchanges and cooperation with the Civil Engineering College of Chongqing University in scientific research and personnel training.

    Established in 1950, Chongqing Survey Institute is currently affiliated to Chongqing Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, and it is the leader in the field of urban survey in China as well as the surveying and mapping industry in Chongqing. It has many innovation platform, such as Chongqing postdoctoral research workstation, Chongqing academician expert workstation, Chongqing high skilled expert studio, Chongqing geographic situation monitoring engineering technology research center, Chongqing chief expert studio, smart Chongqing spatial information service cloud computing center, Chongqing smart perception big data Collaborative Innovation Center, Chongqing geotechnical engineering technology research center. At the same time, it has a large number of first-class talents, such as millions of national talents engineering personnel, experts with special government allowance of the State Council,  masters in surveying and designing of Chongqing, 100 high-end engineering and technical talents of Chongqing, young academic leaders of the National Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information, winners of the National May 1st Labor Medal, etc,. It is the Chongqing Branch of the National Remote Sensing Center, the postgraduate training base of Wuhan University, and the excellent engineer training base of Wuhan University. It is also a long-term cooperative unit of Chongqing University, and maintains good exchanges and cooperation with Civil Engineering College of Chongqing University in scientific research, talent training and other aspects.