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SCE Students Attended The 8th National Conference on Structural Anti-Vibration Control and Health Monitoring

2019-12-09 17:12

The 8th National Conference on Structural Anti-Vibration Control and Health Monitoring is hosted by the Chinese Society of Vibration Engineering and the Professional Committee on Structural Anti-Vibration Control and Health Monitoring, and is hosted by Hefei University of Technology. More than 500 teachers and students from national research institutes attended the meeting. The theme of the conference was structural monitoring, control and maintenance. The conference topics include: characteristics, modeling, and prediction of structural load fields; numerical modeling, static and dynamic analysis and design of structures; structural health monitoring, identification, diagnosis, and evaluation; active, semi-active, passive, hybrid, and intelligent control of structures; structures Maintenance, reinforcement, transformation and performance improvement; other related fields of structural engineering.

The conference was divided into six sub-venues. Academicians Wang Quan, Yang Shanlin, Yang Yongbin, and Du Yanliang and 11 professors gave keynote speeches in the main venue. Nearly 150 lectures were held in each of the venues. We learned carefully by listening to the academic reports held by the conference. At the same time, Professor Liu Gang made a special report "Research on Self-Diagnosis Methods for Sensor Failures in Bridge Structural Health Monitoring System", and Associate Professor Yang Yang reported "Introduction to the Implementation and Acceptance Standards of Building and Bridge Structural Monitoring in Sichuan Province", The ties between our college and external institutions have been strengthened, which has a lot of inspiration and help for strengthening the integration and penetration of civil engineering related disciplines in the future and promoting the development of the discipline construction of the college.