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Experts from the Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Investigation and Monitoring Institute were invited to give lectures for our college.

2019-12-09 17:13

On the morning of 4th December 2019, The associate dean Xiancai Xiong and Dr. Kai Yang of Chongqing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Investigation and Monitoring Institute were invited to make a report for the 2018th surveying and mapping students in the D1412 classroom of Huxi Campus.

First, starting from the meaning of navigation and positioning, Dr. Kai Yang introduced the basic principles of navigation and positioning, traditional and modern navigation and positioning technology, four global navigation and positioning systems, geoid refinement, Beidou system construction and application, and future development trends of GNSS in plain language. Then, Kai Huang, who is graduated from Chongqing University in 2015 (undergraduate) and from Wuhan University in 2018 (Master), shared his personal learning experience and work experience, combined with the development of alumni and classmates, gave suggestions such as "firm direction, hard study, and strive for graduate study". In the end, Mr. Xiancai Xiong, the associate dean of Chongqing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Investigation and Monitoring Institute, put forward suggestions in three aspects: "patriotism, love of the family, love of himself", "learning knowledge, learning skills, learning to be human", "positive optimism, sunshine, and pursuit of excellence" And gave a "rigorous, meticulous, serious, responsible" philosophy of doing things, which made the students feel empathy.

The associate dean Xiancai Xiong is an expert in education, scientific research and production. He has taught courses such as Engineering Survey, Topographic Mapping, Principles and Applications of Geographic Information System to undergraduates of Chongqing University, and taught courses on Engineering Structure Health Monitoring Technology to graduate students. He supervised and trained 5 graduate students. He chaired and completed 18 scientific research projects including DEM's interpolation method and its application research, new technology research on the photoelectric measurement of the deflection of connected bridges, and research on fixed cost survey of fixed property rights. He published 47 academic papers. He has edited local standards such as "Technical Regulations for the Calculation of Chongqing's Housing Area" and "Technical Regulations for the Rehabilitation and Reinforcement of Old and Dilapidated Buildings in Cities and Towns in Chongqing" and other national standards. He has received more than 10 awards including authorized national invention patents, Wang Dazheng Optical Award, Chongqing Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award, National Excellent Surveying and Mapping Engineering Silver Award, and China Geographic Information Industry Excellent Engineering Silver Award.

Dr. Kai Yang has long been engaged in satellite navigation and positioning and natural resource "3S" technology application research. He has chaired and completed more than 30 natural resource surveying and mapping scientific research and engineering projects, published more than 10 academic papers, and received more than 10 scientific and technological awards and two national invention patents.

In this academic report, Vice President Xiancai Xiong and Dr. Kai Yang talked to the students through their own experiences and related cases, so that everyone has a deeper understanding of satellite navigation and positioning technology and its applications, and also has a deeper understanding of life, which benefited everyone.