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Experts from Chongqing Survey Institute were invited to make an academic report

2019-12-30 16:43


In the afternoon of December 23, 2019, Dr. Bo Hu and Mr. Yun Huang, a senior engineer, from Chongqing Survey Institute, were invited to the College of Civil Engineering of Chongqing University, bringing an academic report entitled "High-precision Deformation Monitoring Technology and Application Based on Smart Wireless Gateway" to our teachers and students.

At the very beginning, Prof. Wengang Zhang, the associate dean of our college, expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Bo Hu and Mr. Yun Huang’ s arrival. Then, Dr. Bo Hu introduced the current situation of infrastructure operation, the significance of safety monitoring, the existing technology routes, and the supporting scientific research projects in China. And he introduced in detail the research achievements of their team in key technologies and innovations such as intelligent wireless gateway integration, high-precision monitoring technology, software and hardware technology service system, etc. In addition, Dr. Bo Hu focused on the application effect of scientific and technological achievements in the industrialization of major engineering projects. At the same time, he shared the application prospect of informatization mapping technology in engineering safety monitoring, ecological environmental protection, smart city construction, sensing big data operation services and other fields. Next, the teachers of our college, Mr. Zhongping Yang and Mr. Gang Liu, had in-depth exchanges with Dr. Bo Hu and Mr. Yun Huang on issues related to safety monitoring technology. In the end, Prof. Wengang Zhang, the associate dean, once again expressed his gratitude to Dr. Bo Hu and Mr. Yun Huang for their arrival.

Dr. Bo Hu has long been engaged in the construction of the technology system of precision engineering measurement, the development of intelligent software and hardware integration equipment, the construction of geospatial information big data service platforms, etc. He participated in the completion of a major research on IoT smart city, held by National Ministry of Science and Technology, and presided over the Chongqing Key Project of Technical Innovation and Application Development. Dr. Bo Hu published over 10 papers and won many Chinese Outstanding Patented Innovation & Industrial Design Awards and Ministerial and Provincial-Level Science and Technology Awards, including the first prize of Chinese Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2019, and the second prize of Chongqing Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2017. He was selected as the “Young Talent of Science and Technology Innovation of Surveying,Mapping and Geoinformation in the Chinese Society for Geodesy Photogrammetry and Cartography”. A core scientific research achievement of Dr. Bo Hu,“Big Data Platform of Urban Infrastructure Safety Monitoring”, has been successfully applied to Chongqing and has been promoting to all cities in China.

This academic report has given the attendees, all the teachers and students, a deeper understanding of safety monitoring technology developments and practical applications of the project, and benefited a lot.